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Satellite Modem

The AM-7500L Series SCPC L-Band Modem offers state of the art performance and reliability with the best features of a sophisticated programmable modem.  The modem uses Amplus’ proprietary techniques of direct modulation and demodulation to completely eliminate transmit and receive IF sections and their associated filters.

Sophisticated digital signal processing eliminates all on board physical adjustments and provides performance within 0.3 dB of theoretical.  Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) of the transmit, receive and data rate synthesizers allow settings to 1 Hz and 1 bps respectively.  The BER vs. Eb/No performance is unmatched by any other modem in its class.

The modem is capable of performing as both ends of a satellite Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) link, or as the VSAT remote site modem in a star system.  The transmit and receive can be independently operated using BPSK or QPSK modulation at any data rate or configuration settings.  It has the fastest and most sophisticated receive acquisition and tracking system on the market and offers extremely fast DSP acquisition over a programmable range of +/- 100 Hz to +/- 1.25 MHz.

The full front panel provides a backlit LCD display, full keypad and LED indicators for monitor and control of all modem parameters.

AM-7500L Series SCPC L-Band Modem