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Frequency Converter

The AM-9220/1 Series 70MHz to L-Band Up/Down Converter translates the 70MHz IF signal to a user selected frequency at L-Band (950 to 1750MHz) and vice verse with independent adjustable gain.

The converter multiplexes 10MHz reference and DC supplies onto the L band signal to enable single cable connection to the BUC/LNB. The channel setting, gain adjustment for transmit and receive and BUC/LNB power supply are controlled via front panel push-buttons for swift access. LCD and LEDs provide visual indication of the unit’s status. Remotely, it can be controlled via RS232 serial interface located on a M&C Rear panel connector.

AM-9220/1 Series Indoor IF to L-Band Up/Down Converter


AM-9220 Series Outdoor 70MHz to L-Band Up/Down Converter