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Manufacturing Capability

Why Us?

We possess a broad, balanced, experienced and comprehensive lineup of expertise to focus on providing you full-turnkey product services.  RF/microwave product manufacturer can leverage on our facility to produce their product and system at a fraction of the cost of having their own in-house facility.  Our integrated design, engineering, production and customer services enable us to give you the assurance that your product from concept to market to sustenance will be handled speedily and professionally.  Speed and flexibility are two key successful factors that keep Amplus Communication well-positioned in the field of RF/microwave design and manufacture. 

Procurement and Material Management

We have developed a wide network of suppliers and subcontractors spanning the whole Asia Pacific and South East Asia regions, and are able to maximize the unique strength of individual countries in the regions to obtain top quality, fast turnaround and competitively priced manufactured parts.  We complement this competitive edge foundation with a modern supply chain management system and computerized material resource planning tools.

Production Capability

We are equipped to fabricate and assemble a full range of electronic products, utilizing multilayer FR4, microstrip/softboard, discrete components, MIC, MMIC, die attach, ribbon/wedge bonding, surface mount, through-hole, reflow and wave soldering.  This is complemented by our associates' mechanical know-how, including machining, extrusion, injection mold and casting.  Our clients benefit from lower manufacturing costs and time-to-market volume production through the two manufacturing facilities in Singapore (20,000 square feet) and Indonesia (10,000 square feet).

Testing Capability

Our production facilities are equipped with a full spectrum of high end programmable RF/microwave test equipment like Vector Network Analyzer, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer and Scalar Network Analyzer. We have a team of experienced test engineers who are proficient at developing automated microwave test stations.  This, in addition to reducing human errors in testing, also increases production efficiency and quality.

Quality Control

Amplus Communication is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 

We start with stringent vendor qualification and component verification checks.  For each program and product, we institute in-coming, in-process and out-going quality inspections and we also use customer sampling checks and post-delivery feedback (from repair, maintenance and end-users) to fine-tune our entire production process.