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Redundancy Control System

The AM-9290/2 Series Redundancy Control System manages a 1:1 or N:1 chain of transmitter and receiver independently. It enables the Amplus family of C-Band or Ku-Band transceivers, BUCs and LNBs to be configured in redundant system applications.

The redundancy system normally operates in a hot standby mode where it monitors the active transmit and receive chain (online path), and switches over automatically to the redundant path when a fault is detected at either the transmit or the receive chains. Although normally intended for unmanned automatic operation, the switch can also be locally & manually override by the operator. This is useful when there is a need to replace a particular Tx or Rx switch (or both) during maintenance. This feature also allows fault diagnosis to be performed on the failed ODU/BUC while maintaining the link.

It can be configured with or without a controller unit. Without the controller unit, transceivers or BUCs/LNBs in the system will communicate with each other to decide the health situation between them. Once a fault is detected, automatic switching will take place. With the controller (RCU), it will decide the switching logic when a fault is detected.

The AM-9290/2 Series is designed to allow remote monitor and control of the settings, and status of the connected transceivers or BUCs continuously. RS485 interface is employed to enable long distance connection between the RCU (outdoor) and the PC terminal (indoor). The monitor and control software will be able to have full monitor and control functions of both the active path and standby path.

Indoor redundancy configuration for Amplus rack mount VSAT equipment is also available. Through SNMP and HTTP, it allows better monitor and control of the equipment in the system.

AM-9291 Series Redundancy Control System for BUC


AM-9290 Series Redundancy Control System for Transceiver


AM-9291 Series Redundancy Control System for LNB


AM-9291 Series Redundancy Control System for BUC & LNB


AM-9292 Series C-Band LNA 1+1 Redundancy System